Our Team

Whether at work or not Cameron has a strong desire to bake and cook. However, she’s not only a baker she’s a business woman. Since the shop’s inception Cameron has worked hard to help ensure both her and her coworkers maintain and grow successfully, and for her, part of that is telling people they have to try whatever’s new brewing in our kitchen! She is always happy to be at work, is more than willing to take on any task, requests the opportunity for added responsibilities and is proof that a passion for baking and food service can produce great things! Her favorite tasks among many include restocking, pulling inventory, making Hazelnut Brownies, and dipping chocolate. Besides baking at work and at home Cameron loves sports and going out to eat.
At Cameron’s Brandi enjoys tying bows, baking, making recipes, and dipping chocolate. Just a few of her many tasks. Since Brandi’s arrival in 2017 she has shown to be a hard worker who is willing to help out wherever she is needed, as well as one of the friendliest individuals you’ll ever meet. She enjoys “kidding around” and socializing with her coworkers and always comes to work with a smile and positive attitude! Outside of her job Brandi loves to spend time with family and friends, watching movies, swimming, traveling, and networking.
Maddie has worked at Cameron’s since its opening in 2013 and without her presence one can definitely sense something is missing! Maddie loves to tell jokes and laugh with her coworkers but is equally able to put on her professional hat, such as when making a recipe or dipping her favorite chocolates, dark salted caramels. When asked what she likes to do the most at work her response was, refilling chocolates case, making muffins, dipping caramels, helping customers, teaching/training coworkers, and helping coworkers with pedestrian safety. Outside of her job she likes to relax, hike, watch movies, and play sports.
Sean consistently displays a can-do attitude and is always the first one to ask how he can help or what he should be doing next. Since Sean has started working at Cameron’s in 2015 he has become increasingly social, whether it is inquiring about an absent employee or engaging in some goodhearted banter vis-à-vis his beloved Washington Redskins! At Cameron’s, Sean likes to make our Buffalo chicken filling, sweeping and moping, going to the grocery store every week and going out on adventures with his coworkers to experience new things. When he’s not at his job, Sean likes to spend time in Drama class at GMU, where he graduated from in 2015, and volunteering as a student manager for GMU football and wrestling. He likes Spicy Food!
Elena has been working at Cameron’s since November 2016. Elena’s favorite task at work is to make frosting. Elena is always smiling and brightens the room with her contagious laugh. She enjoys being around her coworkers and participating in the after work events such as the trampoline park, miniature golf, as well as bowling. Elena enjoys ice skating, shopping, as well as watching funny videos on her phone.
Amy has been working at Cameron’s since November 2016. Amy enjoys various cleaning tasks while at Cameron’s including washing and drying dishes, wiping down the tables, as well as dusting. Amy also enjoys making the different cookies and muffins. She is extremely hard working and completes each task assigned to her thoroughly and with a positive attitude. Amy is always willing to learn new tasks. She enjoys spending time with her two dogs, swimming, traveling, and bowling.
Hannah has been working at Cameron’s since July 2017. Hannah’s favorite tasks at Cameron’s include following recipes, cutting ribbon, and washing dishes. Hannah is very patient and friendly with everyone she works with. She is very positive and enjoys completing tasks independently. She also enjoys listening to classical music, spending time with her family, as well as singing in the Vienna Falls Chorus.
At Cameron’s Catie enjoys all aspects of chocolate creations and making recipes for our bakery case. Catie’s favorite treat at Cameron’s is the Chocolate Chip cookie dough Espresso bar, if you haven’t tried it, it’s a must! Since Catie’s arrival in 2015 she has gone above and beyond what is expected and never misses an opportunity to help others out. Outside of her job Catie loves to spend time with family and friends, Special Olympics, and listening to country music.
Caroline may seemed reserved but she is so knowledgeable in our kitchen. Like many of our employees dipping toffee is what she likes to do but make no doubt the line of cupcakes we make has her eye. Caroline is always concerned for other people and how they are doing. Once you get to know her she is a wonderful person to converse with. Outside of work she likes watching movies and participating in Best Buddies. Currently Caroline is working at her dream job, Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates!
Paul is our joker. Everyone has a different name then their own but normally it rhymes or it’s a famous celebrity that has the same name. He will certainly make you feel special. Speaking of celebrities Paul’s dream vacation is to go to Las Vegas and maybe meet a few. His dream job is to be The HULK! At work, Paul likes methodical tasks that create a rhythmic motion like assembling chocolate boxes and mopping the floor. Outside of work Paul continues to be active with Mini golf and bowling.
Like many of our workers Chloeie is a genuinely happy person. Cameron’s is THE best place to work because when you have a bad day your coworkers always manage to turn it around for you. Like Chloeie their hard work is inspiring, their smile is contagious, and their honesty is refreshing. When she’s not being a role model at work Chloeie loves to hike with her family or relax at home. Chloeie is wonderful with kids and hopes one day to work at a daycare.
Misty is at her dream job preparing delicious cupcakes but she also enjoys an array of other things like, dog sitting, gymnastics, cheerleading, and soccer. She’s a hard worker and pretty tough too. Do not mess with her, she knows Tae Kwon Do! Misty’s favorite treat at Cameron’s is our Hazelnut brownie. She hopes to one day visit several European countries and try out some of their fancy delicacies.
Whoever is working the register at Cameron’s always gets a very chipper welcome from Colin when he walks through the door to start his shift. Colin is a very friendly individual who is always happy to be at Cameron’s and he’ll never miss an opportunity to be unique and wear funky socks. From the beginning when Colin started here in the spring of 2018 he loved tasks that involve anything with chocolate. As much as he loves working with chocolate his favorite treat at Cameron’s is our savory Pesto bread. Outside of work he loves the beach, taking care of his chickens, and drawing. One day Colin would like to illustrate children’s books.
Patrick is our gentle giant who has been with us since the Fall of 2017. Although he is quiet, he will never miss an opportunity to tell you one of his many jokes. From video games at home to dipping chocolates at work Patrick has a wide range of interests and skills. One day you just may see Patrick as a movie producer, casting actresses like his favorite, Jennifer Lawrence.
It’ll be a year in the summer of 2019 that Madeline has worked at Cameron’s. Madeline is a ‘get back on the horse’ kind of gal and there’s great truth to that since one of her favorite activities is riding horses. Madeline may seem stoic, but she gets your funny bone like when we asked what her favorite work task is. Her response, “cleaning the bathroom, Somebody’s gotta do it!”
Bella is a great person. When at work she’s friendly, a hard-worker, and loves to go travel training every Thursday. One of her favorite things to do at work is bag scooped cookies, a completing of a task that has several steps. She is funny and loves to socialize with her friends when she’s not playing basketball. She has such a kind heart and loves to rescue animals.
Juan has been a part of  Cameron’s since April 2019. When Juan isn’t working, he enjoys playing soccer with his team, and spending time with family.  Some of his favorite items to make at the shop are our dog bones and anything in the chocolate room. Juan is eager to learn more yet is patient and kind with everyone he works with. He is capable, to the point, and caring of others needs and wants.
As one of our newest employees, Melissa has quickly picked up on a lot of the recipes and tasks done at Cameron’s. This comes as no surprise as she is known as “Chef Meli” at home because of her love of cooking and baking new recipes. Melissa loves all things chocolate, but her favorite treat at Cameron’s is the fudge. Melissa may describe herself as quiet and reserved, but once you get to know her she has many stories to tell! If she had to pick one food to eat for the rest of her life, she would choose Colombian and Mexican cuisines. Her favorite activities to do outside of work are shopping, going to restaurants, and spending time with those she’s close with.
Collin is a motivated worker who is well-organized and takes his job very seriously. He is always the first to help others when needed, and always has a positive attitude towards any task he is given. As a big fan of milk chocolate, it makes sense that working in the chocolate room is Collin’s favorite thing to do at Cameron’s as he gets to work with all of the chocolate machines. When not at work, one can find Collin using his creative imagination to make up his own stories to go along with his video games, or day dreaming of the day he gets to travel to Japan.